Eat the Fallen CD

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Eat the Fallen Thumbnail Cover.jpg

Eat the Fallen CD


Artist: Ravenous E.H.
Title: Eat the Fallen
Year: 2019
Format: CD

1. The Hunger Never Dies
2. Space and Time
3. Doom Holds the Key
4. Adrift
5. Revenge of the Beloved
6. Mercenary
7. Beyond the Ice
8. Strength of a Warrior
9. A Tale of Good Omens
10. Conquering the Sun

Recorded by: R.A.V at Feast Beast Records
Mixed & Mastered by: Alan Sacha Laskow at Perfect Filth Studios
Produced by: Ravenous & Alan Sacha Laskow
Executive Producer: David Rapp
Orchestration by: Jon Phipps at Orchestral Metal
Samples on Track 1 & 9 by: James “Little V” Mills
Album Cover by: Timur Khabirov
Ravenous Logo by: Anna-Maria Törnblom
Printed by: Precision Disc Canada

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